Stardust Glitter Peel Off Mask Bundle

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Glow with BioMiracle Stardust Glitter Peel Off Bundle

A Bundle of our favorite Natural Masks for nourished & radiant skin.

Bundle has:

Stardust Detoxifying Peel off Mask 30G

Stardust Lift And Firm Peel Off Mask 30G

Stardust Soothing Peel off Mask 30g

Stardust Unicorn Peel off Mask 30g

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Glow with BioMiracle Glitter Peel Off Masks

Bundle has:

1 Soothing Peel Off Mask 30G

1 Lift & Firm Peel off Mask 30G

1 Detoxifying Peel Off Mask 30G

1 Unicorn Glitter Peel Off Mask 30G


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